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Credit Account Policy

  1. Credit maybe extended upon receipt of a duly completed Credit Application Form available from our office. The account will be activated after either the General Manager or Financial Controller has approved the application.
  2. All approved accounts are on a strictly 30-day basis. That is, all invoices for the current month must be paid on or before the end of the following month.
  3. A credit limit maybe imposed on your account. This limit maybe extended upon the customer's request, however only upon approval of either the General Manager or Financial Controller.
  4. Freight Collect, Vat and Duty disbursements will be paid on individual transactions on behalf of the customer up to a prescribed limit (normally K5,000). Where the disbursements exceed this limit the customer maybe required to pay the amount upfront before the goods are cleared.
  5. A minimum average charge of K150 per month is expected. Accounts that used below this amount will be subject to review.
  6. Any account that remains unpaid after 60 days maybe temporarily closed until the situation has been resolved and the outstanding amount paid.
  7. If an account remains unpaid after 90 days, legal action maybe taken to recover such outstanding amounts. All queries and disputes must be raised immediately to forestall possible legal action.
  8. TNT reserves the right to hold release of cargo pending payment of long outstanding accounts. Any costs/expenses accruing as a result of this will be charged to the customer's account.
  9. TNT does not accept 'freight collect' or 'charge to receiver' on domestic freight unless the consignor can provide us a written authorization from the consignee that they will accept the charges.

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