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Document Courier - Domestic

Document courier services are provided on a Door to Door basis between TNT locations, and a Door to Airport basis between a TNT location and a Non-TNT location. A standard flat rate with a maximum weight applied to all locations regardless of distances between the locations.

For further enquiries contac your nearest TNT Depot or contact the Sales Office - TNT Air Cargo - Port Moresby on Ph 325 2411 or Send email

International Courier - Outbound

International courier is also provided using courier satchels with charges being applicable when satchels are used or when a consignment note (freight note) is raised for courier of documents or parcels. Courier satchels supplied on a "charged as you use" or C.A.Y.U. basis as we term it.

There are two categories available on this service; one for documents only, and the other for Non-document items or small parcels. Rates for both service categories are shown on the International Tariff Guide with an attachment containing the delivery destinations called a delivery Zones chart.


Consignments enclosed in courier satchels and described as such on the consignment notes / freight notes, must strictly contain documents only as the description on the consignment note serves as first point of declaration. Other small office related items like Data diskettes or floppy disks in limited quantities are accepted as documents however further clarification can be obtained by contacting our Exports Department personnel. Small gifts of any nature or cash or negotiable cheques do not fall under the document classification and must never be consigned mis-declared.

Non-Documents Courier

Non-document items are classified are such due to the nature in which the items, when received at the destination are subjected to the standard Customs import procedures of the receiving country. Any consignment under this description must be accompanied by a Customs Declaration.

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