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Other Services & Facilities

Freight Collect/ Charges Forward

This facility is available by arrangement to customers who maintain a reputable credit facility with TNT, although is also open to ad-hoc customers or cash clients with prior arrangements made on a shipment to shipment basis. We do not offer a Domestic freight collect service.

Consignment Notes

Consignments notes for the consignment of cargo and courier items are supplied free of charge. These are supplied in bulk for the convenience of regular users to have consignments prepared prior to advising TNT to pick up the items for dispatch.

For high volume users we are able to arrange and supply pre-printed consignments notes especially with sender's addresses and would normally require a week's notice to have them printed and delivered. Our DMS programme offers in ‘in-house’ connote generation and printing facility for larger users.

Customer Services

Our Customer Services Department has full on-line access to mainframe tracking to track and trace consignments and to provide status or proof of deliveries on international consignments.

The friendly staff in this department are readily available to assist with your enquiries.

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