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Rates & Quotation Policy

  1. All transactions are subject to the standard trading terms of TNT Air Cargo, which is printed on the reverse of all TNT Freight notes.
  2. Rates quoted remain subject to airline pricing increases and changes with or without notice.
  3. Rates are also based on actual weight or volume whichever is greater. The volumetric conversion is 167 kilograms per cubic metre or 6,000 cubic centimetres per kilogram. This policy is currently under review by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and will be published once a decision is reached.
  4. Airline fuel and Security surcharges are applied by individual carriers on a per kilogram basis on several international routes and will affect freight charges to and from PNG. This is shown as a separate disbursement charge on the air waybills in origin or common currency and is unavoidable.
  5. TNT Air Cargo does not offer Insurance on consignments to its customers. An Open Marine Transit Cover is recommended from your Brokers or PNG Registered brokers should this service be required.
  6. Acceptance in writing, for quotes and arrangements, made through this office will enable quoted rates to be made effective.

Please call 325 2411 for more information.

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